Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling is an established set of processes that is shaping the way construction projects are designed, planned, and built across the world. Our Authoring and Coordination services help our clients and partners digitally prototype and virtually simulate construction of their building projects, improving their productivity and pre-construction collaboration by uncovering spatial coordination issues and offering enhanced planning to map out the staging and logistics of the build. Ultimately, we help reduce your time and costs when construction actually begins.

iMmersion eXperiences

With VMX, clients can not only view, but experience projects in preconstruction, equipping them with the ability to make better, more informed decisions. An immersive, computer-simulated experience, it creates the sensation of being in a space - not just seeing it. Working from existing construction drawing creation processes, we create realistic 3D models of both exteriors and interiors to help your owners and decision-makers experience their project in a completely new and practical way. They can sample multiple space scenarios, validate design decisions, select finishes, and make any desired adjustments before construction begins – and before changes start costing money.

into the

Where we're going, we don't need paper....or measuring tapes, or a lot of the tools we rely on today. It is impossible to look past the technological horizon, but we know construction, along with environment design, will be dramatically affected as technology makes its way into the hands of all involved on a project. When jobsites are fully saturated with the type of technology we are foreseeing, a dramatic process re-engineering is set to launch. Don't be left behind.

Grit Virtual - BuiltWorlds' Summit 2017 Pitch

This is a voiceover and screen capture of the pitch that Grit Virtual presented in Chicago, IL for the 2017 BuiltWorlds' Summit on May 4, 2017.

VMX Launch - 1MillionCups

Chris Callen presents to the largest 1 Million Cups crowd ever in Wichita, KS. Chris outlays BIM, VMX, and also touches on the future (albeit way over the time limit).

VMX Launch - KanStruct 

Builders Plus Construction CEO Chris Callen introduces Grit Virtual Construction, a new division that brings virtual reality into the building industry.

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